We maintain a public list of methodological experts and specialists, who may provide insights to various projects and works that have to do with their speciality. Our goal is to include both younger and more experienced specialists alike. We believe that our listing provide an essential aid and a platform for discovering peers for projects, as well as for solving problems in systematic philosophy and methodology, and for increasing the public reception of methodological know-how.

The specialists are included onto the list upon invite, or by application. For the application, we generally hope to see a background of at least ten years in utilizing systematic approaches, or one published book on methodology or systematic philosophy, or at least four published articles on methodological or systematic philosophy. Each accepted specialist should provide their full name, a photograph, an email address, and an introduction text that is no longer than half a page. Our Methodological Council will accept or decline the applications, and we ask you to send yours directly to our editorial email journalofmethodology@gmail.com